Sunday, November 15, 2009

current obsession: antique buttons

I was very excited to visit BABE this year, the annual Bay Area Bead Extravaganza convention. It was my first time in attendance, and I was shocked by the large turn out of avid beaders! The room was filled with a multitude of various bead vendors, as well as demonstrations and classes. A particular vendor that I really enjoyed sold antique buttons.

I absolutely love going into antique shops. Its a trip back into time, and I love imagining the people who may have owned the items. Each piece is unique and rich in its own history and to me that's such a beautiful thing.

Take a look at these gorgeous jeweled buttons I found...

These date back to the early 40s, and even the mid 20's!

I'm looking forward to incorporating these vintage elements in my new pieces.


  1. Those buttons are fabulous!

    I've seen you're work at Lilac, and I might be interested in having you do some pieces for me for my wedding... Would you be up for it?

  2. Defintely! I love doing custom pieces. Feel free to contact me at: Thanks for your interest!