Friday, January 29, 2010

ringing in the new year... one button at a time!

I know the new year is well on its way, but I couldn't help but use that title! I've been a bit behind on my blogging, but had to rush to post this before January ended. : ) I've been creating button rings for quite some time now. I love how something so small can add so much to a look. It is a little known fact that you can find beauty in the least expected places, and buttons are a favorite to find such prettiness.

A medley of buttons I've collected over time.

With a little bit of love, care, and wire bending... ta da!!


  1. soo pretty and inspiring <3

  2. thank you! i'm hoping to post a tutorial some time soon, so be on the look out! : )

  3. These are adorable! So unique... a great cocktail ring. Now I need a cocktail party to go to so I can wear one!! Great work...